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Install via drat


or using remotes


Using dettl

dettl requires a log table to exist in the target database for an import to be run. Run dettl::dettl_create_log_table to create the log table. This executes the relevant query at inst/sql/ for create the log table. The name of the table can be changed and configured via the import dettl_config.yml but the fields must remain the same.

For details of how to write and run a data import using dettl see package vignettes.

Using vault

Note that to use vault secrets in the dettl_config.yml to manage db access requires vault to be configured according to vaultr vignette i.e. environmental variables need to be set which tell vaultr how it should authenticate users with access to the vault.

To set these create a file called envir.yml in the root of the directory which sets the required properties for the chosen authentication method. You should probably create a setup script like orderly to manage this.

Tests which use the vault

This section is only relevant if you want to run the automated package tests.

Some testthat tests are configured which check the functionality of reading secrets from the vault. These tests are configured to use a test server which is controlled via vaultr::vault_test_server(). To set this up follow instructions in vaultr packages vignette.

Running tests which rely on PostgreSQL database

Most tests run against a local SQLite database but some require a PostgreSQL database. These tests will be skipped by default when running locally. To enable them, run the scripts/ script to run up a Postgres db within a docker container. When finished testing locally run scripts/ to stop the container.