The following information relates to the first phase of the Consortium (‘VIMC 1.0’, from 2016-2022). A summary of our plans for our new project phase, VIMC 2.0 (2022 – 2027), can be found here.

Key outputs and overarching objectives

The Consortium aims to establish more efficient systems for vaccine impact estimates generation. Working with all the participating modelling groups, the secretariat has developed a web-based delivery platform, Montagu, which enables easy access to the latest input data and streamline the estimates generation process. The platform allows the funders to have quick access to the estimates and will ultimately have a publicly available interface with access to some of the stored data.

The Consortium will provide the funders with major rounds of updated vaccine impact estimates in 2018, 2020 and 2022 for a specific disease portfolio. In addition, the Consortium serves as a resource to the funders on questions relating to vaccine impact modelling and ensures that the provided estimates have the most rigorous scientific foundation.

During the five year period, the Consortium will aim to engage with four priority countries: Pakistan, India, Nigeria and Ethiopia to share the modelled estimates and to ensure that the country-specific input data are accurate and up to date.