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orderly 1.5.0

  • Add prepare_git_example_from_source which can be used to generate a git controlled orderly directory from a source, and another entrypoint run_orderly_demo that exposes this function, for use in testing OrderlyWeb (mrc-3665)

orderly 1.4.7

  • Add orderly_cancel_remote which can be used to cancel one or more reports running on a remote via its key (mrc-3167)

orderly 1.4.3

CRAN release: 2021-09-22

  • Orderly now only records git information where a .git directory is found at the orderly root (vimc-4866)

orderly 1.3.8

  • Prevent use of rm(list = ls()) (or similar) at the top of scripts as this leads to hard-to-track errors, modifies the global environment and is generally poor practice (vimc-4810)

orderly 1.3.5

  • Fix backward compatibility with R 3.6.x, in the case of a report with zero of 2+ optional fields used (vimc-4766)

orderly 1.3.2

orderly 1.2.41

  • Clearer error message where dependency resolution fails due to a query dependency (vimc-4742)

orderly 1.2.39

  • Remove orderly_workflow in favour of supporting workflows through orderly.server (mrc-2275)

orderly 1.2.38

  • Much clearer error message where dependency resolution fails due to a query dependency (vimc-4499)

orderly 1.2.37

  • Add function orderly_remote_status to return details of currently running and queued reports on the remote queue.

orderly 1.2.32

  • orderly_graph arg max_depth now truncates depth of the tree instead of throwing error and arg recursion_limit added which works how max_depth used to

orderly 1.2.30

  • New function orderly_info which returns details from report runs, both successful and failed (VIMC-4619)

orderly 1.2.29

  • orderly_run, orderly_run_internal and bundle_run will now save a orderly_fail.rds if run fails containing metadata and info about failure reason (VIMC-4037)

orderly 1.2.25

  • orderly_cleanup will now sanitise the report name passed to it
  • orderly_cleanup will now print summary of how many items will be deleted (#265)

orderly 1.2.24

  • orderly_run_remote checks that ref exists before running (VIMC-4574)

orderly 1.2.23

  • orderly_run with non-boolean use_draft and fixed ID dependency works (#259)

orderly 1.2.20

  • orderly_pull_archive is now more tolerant of trailing slashes (#260)

orderly 1.2.19

  • New functions orderly_bundle_pack_remote and orderly_bundle_import_remote which create a bundle from a remote and return the completed bundle back to the remote (VIMC-4457)

orderly 1.2.18

  • Allow orderly_bundle_import to accept a filename that has been renamed from <id>.zip. While this is not generally desirable, it may be needed for some workflows (VIMC-4382)

orderly 1.2.17

  • Fixes bug where orderly_bundle_pack failed when the orderly tree and temporary directory were on different filesystems (VIMC-4354)

orderly 1.2.16

  • Fixes bug where orderly_bundle_run failed when using a relative path for a working directory (VIMC-4337)

orderly 1.2.15

  • Fixes bug where default parameter values were not used in resolving query dependencies (VIMC-4135)

orderly 1.2.14

orderly 1.2.13

  • Remove orderly::orderly_runner which has been moved to vimc/orderly.server (VIMC-4073)

orderly 1.2.12

orderly 1.2.11

orderly 1.2.10

  • Add function get_report_parameters to list parameters for a report at a particular commit id (VIMC-3953)

orderly 1.2.9

  • Add function get_reports to list reports available for a particular branch and commit from orderly_runner (VIMC-3945)

orderly 1.2.8

  • Add function git_commits to list commits for a particular branch from orderly_runner (VIMC-3941)

orderly 1.2.7

  • Add function git_branches_no_merged to get unmerged branches from orderly_runner (VIMC-3857)

orderly 1.2.5

  • Add ability to run workflow from CLI (VIMC-3873)

orderly 1.2.4

  • Error messages and stack traces are now preserved in orderly.log after a failed run; this primarily impacts the cli runner and then primarily when being run in parallel where the log is not printed to screen (VIMC-3841)

orderly 1.2.3

  • New function orderly::orderly_workflow allows users to run a “workflow” - a list of reports which to be run in order. Workflows are configured via a yml file in workflows/ directory.

orderly 1.2.0

  • orderly::orderly_data() has been removed as do not believe anyone was using it, and it is superseded by orderly::orderly_develop_start() (VIMC-3611)
  • Some internally used arguments have been removed from orderly::orderly_run (id_file, batch_id, ref and fetch). These were not intended for direct use by users (VIMC-3539)

orderly 1.1.35

orderly 1.1.34

orderly 1.1.32

orderly 1.1.31

  • orderly::orderly_rebuild() creates a dated backup of the database before running, allowing this potentially destructive operation to be recovered from (VIMC-3702)

orderly 1.1.28

orderly 1.1.27

orderly 1.1.26

  • Add ability to post report commit notification to Microsoft Teams (VIMC-3640)

orderly 1.1.24

  • Batches of parameters can be supplied to orderly batch using a csv file via --file (VIMC-3569)

orderly 1.1.23

  • New function orderly::orderly_remote() for getting an “orderly remote” object, as declared in the orderly_config.yml (VIMC-3655)

orderly 1.1.20

  • Add support for running batches of orderly reports that differ in their parameters, available via orderly::orderly_batch and with the CLI as orderly batch (VIMC-3603)

orderly 1.1.15

  • Fix bug where report downloading did not work for some pathological windows paths (VIMC-3595)

orderly 1.1.14

  • Fix bug in instance selection, probably introduced in 1.0.6 (VIMC-3589)

orderly 1.1.13

orderly 1.1.12

  • Introduces a basic query interface for searching for reports that match criteria based on parameters and tags, which can be used directly orderly::orderly_search or when declaring dependencies (VIMC-3538)

orderly 1.1.11

  • Environment variables can be used in orderly reports by using the environment: field in orderly.yml (VIMC-3558)

orderly 1.1.10

  • Secrets can be read from the vault and used in orderly reports (VIMC-3536)

orderly 1.1.9

  • Better parsing of parameters passed on the command line, allowing more parameters to be passed through, and coping better with shell quoting (VIMC-3550)

orderly 1.1.6

  • Environment variables in orderly_envir.yml are available during report run (#180, VIMC-3530)

orderly 1.1.5

  • Introduce the concept of “tags”; these are immutable and exist at the level of a report version. Currently there is nothing that can be done with tags, but these will become useful in conjunction with OrderlyWeb (VIMC-3514)

orderly 1.1.4

orderly 1.1.3

  • The orderly::orderly_develop_* functions are now permissive and allow some invalid orderly.yml to continue - in particular, the partially complete template generated by orderly::orderly_new can be directly used (VIMC-3510)

orderly 1.1.2

orderly 1.1.1

  • Dependencies can be resolved as if they were to be run on a remote (including appropriate selection of “latest” dependencies). This is to support future decentralised workflows (VIMC-3473)

orderly 1.1.0

  • New report development mode, via orderly_develop_start, orderly_develop_status and orderly_develop_clean. These largely supersede orderly_test_start, though the latter remains for now (VIMC-3404)

orderly 1.0.15

  • Depending on draft reports, including with use_draft = "newer", no longer pulls in failed drafts (VIMC-3467, reported by @sangeetabhatia03)

orderly 1.0.14

  • Functionality for creating dependency graphs for reports using orderly::orderly_graph (VIMC-2174)

orderly 1.0.13

  • The orderly CLI runner gets a pull sub command for pulling dependencies from remote orderly servers (VIMC-3466)

orderly 1.0.12

  • The orderly CLI runner gets an --instance argument (VIMC-3460)
  • The instance information is saved into the orderly_run.rds. This is not yet reflected in the database and might be tweaked before being added.

orderly 1.0.11

  • More informative error messages when orderly fails to resolve an environment variable, particularly when loading remote configuration (VIMC-3386)

orderly 1.0.10

  • Fix regression running reports - vault autocompletes to vault_server

orderly 1.0.9

  • Enforce parameter types before model run, rather than on commit, and with better messages (VIMC-3411)

orderly 1.0.8

  • Expand how the vault server is defined to allow additional arguments to be directly specified (VIMC-3372)

orderly 1.0.7

  • More flexible control of use of draft reports, using the argument use_draft to orderly_run and orderly_test_start. This will replace the use of explicitly specifying draft: true in the depends section of orderly.yml (VIMC-3377).

orderly 1.0.6

  • Database configurations now support the concept of “instances” to allow switching between different versions of a database (e.g., production and staging) without manually altering the configuration or environment variables. Functions orderly::orderly_run, orderly::orderly_db, orderly::orderly_test_start and orderly::orderly_data all get an instance argument to support this (VIMC-3302).

orderly 1.0.5

  • The metadata now includes the state of .Random.seed, if present (VIMC-3375)

orderly 1.0.3

  • orderly::orderly_test_start prints instructions that are paste-able on windows – previously they may have contained backslashes (VIMC-3251).
  • orderly::orderly_run now strips a leading src/ if provided, allowing easier tab-completion of report names (VIMC-3226).

orderly 1.0.2 (CRAN)

CRAN release: 2019-10-28

  • orderly::orderly_test_check is no longer case sensitive with paths, preventing issues when used from directories that do not have canonical casing (VIMC-3205)

orderly 1.0.1

CRAN release: 2019-10-17

  • In orderly to comply with CRAN policies, the functionality of orderly::orderly_test_start and related functions has been severely reduced. Functions orderly::orderly_test_end and orderly::orderly_test_restart have been removed and orderly::orderly_test_start no longer directly provides a useable environment for testing reports (VIMC-3178).

orderly 1.0.0

  • Initial release to CRAN

orderly 0.8.1

  • Parameters now accept defaults in orderly.yml, and the format has altered slightly (VIMC-2413, #8).

orderly 0.8.0

  • Deprecated functions pull_archive, pull_dependencies, set_default_remote have been removed (VIMC-2946, deprecated in VIMC-2944 / 0.7.2).

orderly 0.7.16

  • orderly_migrate can now clean up old migration backup files. These should generally be quite safe to delete, but it would be better to do this directly from orderly (VIMC-3157)

orderly 0.7.15

  • Global resources can now be renamed on copy, allowing use of subdirectories to structure them. Using global resources as a set of strings is now deprecated (VIMC-2961).

orderly 0.7.14

  • The command line interface has been overhauled, in particular the parameter passing interface (VIMC-2469) which now accepts key-value pairs and not json

orderly 0.7.13

orderly 0.7.12

  • orderly_run now checks for sink imbalance, in the same way that device imbalances are currently checked for, preventing odd errors when sinks are left open or too many are closed (VIMC-3129)

orderly 0.7.9

  • All README files are copied into destination directory, not just top level (VIMC-3065)

orderly 0.7.7

  • Pulling from remotes now imports the report into the local orderly db, and also pulls all dependent reports (VIMC-2855, VIMC-3054).

orderly 0.7.6

  • Detection of modified dependencies has been improved (VIMC-2997).

orderly 0.7.5

  • Fixes notifications to slack on report completion (VIMC-2992).

orderly 0.7.4

  • The database configuration in orderly_config.yml now has an “args” section, rather than guessing arguments. Old configurations are valid, with a warning to update (VIMC-1986).

orderly 0.7.3

  • Function orderly_unzip_archive / unzip_archive has been removed in preparation for release.
  • Function push_archive (previously marked as experimental and not implemented for anything other than file remotes) has been removed. We may reconsider this again in the future.

orderly 0.7.2

  • Functions pull_archive and pull_dependencies have been deprecated in favour of orderly_pull_archive and orderly_pull_dependencies (respectively). Similarly, set_default_remote becomes orderly_default_remote_set and orderly_default_remote_get is exported. unzip_archive becomes orderly_unzip_archive (VIMC-2944).

orderly 0.7.1

  • Remove arguments open and extended_output from orderly_run as these were not widely used (VIMC-2945)

orderly 0.7.0

  • The concept of “publishing” a report has been removed from orderly in preparation for it to be implemented entirely in OrderlyWeb (in the meantime it will be provided by orderly.server (VIMC-2941)

orderly 0.6.6

  • The database schema now represents the “custom” fields in a way that makes it more obvious which fields are in fact custom, using new tables custom_fields (holding metadata about the fields) and report_version_custom_fields (linking these to the report versions) (VIMC-2768)

orderly 0.6.5

  • The orderly “runner” (orderly_runner) will now periodically backup the destination database, which will be useful in cases where other applications store information in it (VIMC-2882)

orderly 0.6.4

  • The config argument to exported functions has been renamed to root to better reflect what is expected to be passed in (VIMC-2919)

orderly 0.6.3

  • The orderly_run.yml script has now been removed and orderly_run.rds is the sole source of truth for the orderly run metadata (VIMC-2873).

orderly 0.6.0

  • Allow multiple databases (or no database) to be be used in the orderly configuration (VIMC-2795)

orderly 0.5.18

  • Remove old db schema (VIMC-2769)

orderly 0.5.17

  • files are automatically copied as resources from source folder. Additionally it is an error to include as an artefact (VIMC-2230)
  • Fix passing of timeout through to remote runners when using the montagu package (VIMC-2517)

orderly 0.5.16

  • The database schema now stores basic git information alongside report versions, if the report source archive uses git (VIMC-2615)
  • The runner now recognises the master_only configuration option and can prevent running reports with references other than master. This is now enforced entirely on the server (VIMC-2642)
  • The changelog table includes the attributable public report version attributable to each changelog entry

orderly 0.5.15

  • orderly now prompts to install missing packages and offers code to help with this (VIMC-2384)
  • orderly run on the command line accepts message entries (VIMC-2363, VIMC-1797)
  • orderly checks that the resources were not modified during running a report (VIMC-2137)

orderly 0.5.14

  • is automatically treated as resource if present (VIMC-2230)
  • Fix handling of remote environment variables (VIMC-2553)

orderly 0.5.13

  • Removes support for shiny apps as this was poorly tested and not used by us (VIMC-2544, VIMC-2538).

orderly 0.5.12

  • The montagu package is no longer used directly by orderly (VIMC-2453) - instead we use a similar “driver” approach to the database connections. This paves the way for an eventual CRAN release (VIMC-2421).

orderly 0.5.11

  • Improvements to archive migration when local archive directories contain invalid files (VIMC-2449). orderly now indicates the version that failed to run, and can move failed versions aside to complete migration of the rest of an archive.

orderly 0.5.10

  • Requires vaultr 0.2.0, which is a major overhaul of that package.

orderly 0.5.8

  • Better error messages when unexpected files are found in the orderly archive (VIMC-1761)
  • Include parameters used in the orderly database (VIMC-2397)
  • Better error message when migration is needed (VIMC-2392)
  • orderly works with report repository clones that lack an archive directory (VIMC-2383)

orderly 0.5.7

  • Support for changelogs (VIMC-1503)

orderly 0.5.6

  • The displayname and description fields are correctly copied into the new orderly database.

orderly 0.5.5

  • New connection column in the report_version table in orderly’s database (VIMC-2327)

orderly 0.5.4

  • New latest column in the report table in orderly’s database (VIMC-2298)

orderly 0.5.3

  • Null entries are allowed in orderly_envir.yml

orderly 0.5.2

  • Introduces “global resources” support for assets used in multiple reports that are not themselves dependencies.
  • The database schema includes a published field (VIMC-2251)
  • New option if_schema_changed to rebuild orderly database (orderly_rebuild) only on a schema change (VIMC-2280)

orderly 0.5.0

  • Send a slack message after a report has been run from the commandline tool, and by extension the runner (VIMC-1931)
  • New internal database structure (VIMC-1930)

orderly 0.4.8

  • Fix running reports on montagu servers (VIMC-1911)

orderly 0.4.7

  • Reset working directory if orderly_test_start fails on startup (VIMC-1870)
  • Extend the templates to allow for multiple files and versions of templates (VIMC-1877)

orderly 0.4.6

orderly 0.4.5

  • Copy a template report from the orderly/template.yml within the orderly root if available, then falling back on the version in the package.
  • push_archive, the inverse of pull_archive for copying an archive report elsewhere (VIMC-1811). Currently only supported for remote as a path.
  • orderly::orderly_run_info() can return information about the current run, including information on dependencies.

orderly 0.4.4

  • Print total elapsed time taken to print report
  • Runner can kill reports
  • Git is reset to previous HEAD immediately after preparing workdir
  • orderly_run gains a --fetch argument, used when --ref is specified to run git fetch before resolving ref
  • The orderly runner looks up the sha for a ref at the point of queuing, rather than the point of running
  • The cli tool gets a --pull and --fetch argument

orderly 0.4.1

  • Support for adding a message to a report

orderly 0.4.0

  • Support for downloading reports from locations other than montagu. This includes a breaking change, where the server argument to pull_dependencies and pull_report changes to remote. The structure here will probably change a little further in a future version.

orderly 0.3.4

  • Support for creating “shiny apps” as artefacts