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List the names of reports known to orderly. These are the source names, not the results of running reports. Note that if a report has been committed from a different branch it will not appear here, as this is simply the set of reports in the src directory that can be run.


orderly_list(root = NULL, locate = TRUE)



The path to an orderly root directory, or NULL (the default) to search for one from the current working directory if locate is TRUE.


Logical, indicating if the configuration should be searched for. If TRUE and config is not given, then orderly looks in the working directory and up through its parents until it finds an orderly_config.yml file.


A character vector of report names

See also

orderly_list_archive() and orderly_list_drafts(), which list archived (committed) and draft reports and their versions.


# The orderly demo, with lots of potential reports:
path <- orderly::orderly_example("demo")

# Reports that _could_ be run:
#>  [1] "changelog"          "connection"         "default-param"     
#>  [4] "global"             "html"               "interactive"       
#>  [7] "minimal"            "multi-artefact"     "multifile-artefact"
#> [10] "other"              "slow1"              "slow10"            
#> [13] "slow3"              "spaces"             "use_dependency"    
#> [16] "use_dependency_2"   "use_resource"       "use_resource_dir"  
#> [19] "view"