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Get the status of the remote queue as a list.


orderly_remote_status(root = NULL, locate = TRUE, remote = NULL)



The path to an orderly root directory, or NULL (the default) to search for one from the current working directory if locate is TRUE.


Logical, indicating if the configuration should be searched for. If TRUE and config is not given, then orderly looks in the working directory and up through its parents until it finds an orderly_config.yml file.


Description of the location. Typically this is a character string indicating a remote specified in the remotes block of your orderly_config.yml. It is also possible to pass in a directly created remote object (e.g., using orderly_remote_path(), or one provided by another package). If left NULL, then the default remote for this orderly repository is used - by default that is the first listed remote.


List containing details of running and queued reports on the remote queue. Including report name, status and version (where known)