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Project Working Group

VIMC convenes project working groups to tackle specific questions of interest to vaccine policymakers. By working in this way, we ensure that we have the broad range of expertise needed to answer these questions. 


This diagram shows the overlap between Project Working Groups and other VIMC stakeholders. (For illustration, only two project working groups are shown.)

2-1_PWG-diagram-30Jan24 (1).PNG

Examples of project working groups:


Measles and rubella elimination targets in south-east Asia


The WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia (SEARO) requested VIMC’s help in developing suitable targets for eliminating measles and rubella in six countries. VIMC formed a project working group to address this question, led by Amy Winter, and involving a range of expert collaborators.


If you have a request for VIMC to address a question for vaccine policy or practice, please email

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