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Measles Analytics Hub (MAH)

Measles image courtesy of CDC/ Allison M. Maiuri, MPH, CHES

The Measles Analytics Hub (MAH), is a new initiative designed to enhance the measles modelling ecosystem,  improve communication and collaboration between modelers and stakeholders for measles modelling and data analytics and deliver research with policy impact. The Hub is funded by the Gates Foundation as a supplement to VIMC’s existing grant in order to leverage VIMC’s work to coordinate and support policy-relevant analytics and be more inclusive of modelers in low- and middle-income countries.


The secretariat for the Measles Analytics Hub is located within the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium (VIMC) based at Imperial’s White City campus in London. The Hub will involve many collaborators around the world.


The Measles Analytics Hub will align with the VIMC’s scope to address global and regional level questions but will also support select sub-regional and high-impact country- facing measles modelling work. Given the synergies between measles and rubella, the Hub may consider research on rubella to be within scope although not the focus of the Hub.



By 2027, our core aims are:


  • to demonstrate effective engagement of measles modelers in addressing policy and programmatic questions.

  • to nurture the membership and activities of the Hub, to be diverse and inclusive of modelers in high-burden settings and early career researchers.

  • to achieve recognition of the Hub as the go-to place internationally for expertise in measles modelling.

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