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Eight new modelling groups join VIMC

We are delighted to welcome eight new core-funded groups to the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium. These groups include modellers from Australia, Benin, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria, Switzerland, Tunisia, and the UK.

As shown below, we are joined by six new groups with disease-specific models of vaccine impact for COVID-19, hepatitis B and malaria, as well as two cross-cutting groups. The cross-cutting groups will focus on issues such as geospatial modelling and health economics that are relevant across disease areas.

This announcement follows our recent request for proposals. Thank you to all who expressed an interest or submitted applications, and to our external expert reviewers.

As part of VIMC’s goal to work with a more diverse international community of modellers, we hope to collaborate with a broad range of modelling groups, not limited to core-funded groups. To stay abreast of future opportunities, please follow us on Twitter.


Group lead

Lead organisation

Other collaborating organisations


Dr Yang Liu

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK)

KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (Kenya)


Professor Azra Ghani

Imperial College London (UK)

University of New South Wales (Australia)

Hepatitis B

Dr Nick Scott

Burnet Institute (Australia)



Professor Romain Glele Kakaï

University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin)

Mountain Top University (Nigeria)


Professor Melissa Penny

Telethon Kids Institute, University of Western Australia (Australia)

Curtin University (Australia); Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, University of Basel (Switzerland)


Dr Lucy Okell

Imperial College London (UK)


Cross-cutting: geospatial aspects

Dr Ezra Gayawan

Federal University of Technology, Akure (Nigeria)

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Cross-cutting: health economics

Professor Slimane Ben Miled

Pasteur Institute of Tunis (Tunisia)

University Tunis El Manar; The National Authority For Assessment And Accreditation In Healthcare (INEAS); Tunisian Health Ministry; Charles Nicolle Hospital (Tunisia)

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